Wednesday, May 4, 2011

FRED (A Progressive Card Blog Hop)

Note: If you came here from Mary Dawn's blog, please keep on reading. Otherwise you might want to start at the beginning to get the whole back-story and also to see the full effect and changes made to the card.

While one of our dear bloggy and tweepy pals Sue was in Ireland attending to family matters, we decided to do a progressive card for her. Most of us were progressive card neophytes, so Lydia (UnderstandBlue) started things off for us and included very. specific. directions. for us to follow, which was a good thing. I read her every word, and more than once. We were each supposed to add something to the card (making sure to leave enough room for everyone else to add stuff, too), then sign it and send it on to the next person.

Here is the card after my addition:

I added that handsome green Celtic-y heart. I stamped and embossed and cut out and re-stamped and re-embossed and finally ended up with a plain image (The Angel Company) stamped in blue on a piece of greenish patterned paper. I stuck it in the corner and called it done!

I then put that precious card into the mail and sent it off to Lisa PRONTO. So your next stop is Lisa's blog (Papergrace). Please head on over to continue your journey!

Thanks for stopping by!

ETA: Here's Sue's post about the card: Internet Friendships


  1. I find it HUGELY ironic that you read instructions from me - she who never reads instructions!

    I LOVE your Celtic heart - what a great touch!!!

  2. That Celtic heart is really lovely! What a wonderful idea of you all. :)

  3. The Celtic heart is perfect. Fred is shaping up nicely.

  4. Leslie, this is a wonderful idea! I am having fun watching Fred evolve :)

  5. This little heart will remind Sue of the hearts and souls of her friends knotted in love to share her grief.

  6. Great idea. The card is coming along very nicely.

  7. FRED is coming along nicely!

  8. I looooove that Celtic knot! How perfect not only for Sue and her heritage, but also for the basis of this blog hop and the friendship that binds us all. So pretty!

  9. I have to say Leslie, when I saw your name on the card I SQUEEEE'ed. I can now officially say "I have a "Crooked Stamper" card .. except you placed the beautiful heart perfectly straight LOL :-)
    I know what a huge thing it is for you to get to the it is really appreciated my friend :-)

  10. Ah . . . this is just amazing! I'm going to have to get those very specific instructions some time so I can do this with some folks. So lovely.

  11. She's gonna love the Celtic heart addition!

  12. Have read the blog hop from start to finish and found it very moving and such a wonderful, thoughtful idea for such a seemingly beautiful person. Your addition of the Celtic heart is just perfect, the never-ending loop that keeps love flowing around and around forever.
    Beautifully done xxx

  13. ohhh, what a lovely Celtic heart!!! *swoon*


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