Monday, May 16, 2011

Hambo Hoedown - Balloon

Time for another Hambo Hoedown challenge! This week (okay, last week) we got this image:

... and were' supposed to use Paper Piecing and Bold, Bright Colors. Paper piecing I can do, but bold, bright colors - not so much. I rummaged through my Heaplet and all I found were muted papers. Well DUH, that's mostly what I buy and use, so that's what's in the Heaplet.

Brief interlude. "Would you like to fly in my beautiful balloon?" Sing along now:

Okay, I'm back.

Bold and bright was becoming a real challenge. I actually had to open my storage cabinets that contain all the paper I have ever purchased and found three bold and bright polka dot papers in GAH green, GAH yellow and GAH orange. I proceeded to print the balloon on pieces of all three of them in addition to white, started hacking away at them, and this finally came out:

Admittedly not my best work. I'm happy with the balloon part, but the rest of it was honestly a desperate attempt to use up more of those papers so I don't have to put them away. It's difficult to tell, but the white "sky" is colored with a B0000 Copic. I also drew in my standard birds so you can tell she is in the sky. ;/

On a brighter (!) note, I did use a piece of yellow ribbon with GAH green edging. I disappeared what was left of it, and yes, I am very proud.

In other news, I took this afternoon off and spent 3 hours - THREE HOURS - attempting to get my new wireless printer to work with my laptop. Both are on the network - I can see them from the router. However, my laptop cannot see my printer, and it's less than THREE FEET AWAY on the coffee table. I tried, and I tried, but I got no satisfaction. I might need a geek squad. Or one of my geeky buddies. Sigh. I'm going to pull a Scarlet O'Hara and "I'll worry about that tomorrow".

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  1. I am sure you did, but I gotta ask.
    Did you try the
    " turn everything off then turn everything back on"
    Other than that you could try the
    " #&*!#@ " technique
    (always works for my husband )

    Good luck !

  2. It's funny... I havce a ton of papers I need to either give away or use up... I look at them and wonder what I was thinking! I love your card though! Up up and away!!!

  3. Now that is one VERY bright card!! WOW!! :D I think you succeeded in using what Hambo wanted. ;)

    As far as your wireless printer, since I'm late to commenting here (what a lousy commenter I am) I'm guessing/hoping you got it working? I have a wireless printer and a not-so-new laptop. Lemme know if ya need to hit me up. :)


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