Monday, May 23, 2011

Pencil Lines Sketch 239

One of my bloggy pals (exactly which one escapes me at the moment) uses the Pencil Lines sketches to make cards. Now, that's a scrapbook page layout (at 12x12) that has to fit on a card (not 12x12). Needless to say, it's a LOT of STUFF to fit on an A2 card. By now you know I have issues with the size of a canvas, and, well, I don't know what came over me, but I thought I'd give it a try.

Here is the latest sketch:

Um, can you say "busy"? Yeah. This is what I made this evening:

It's 5 1/4" square, and it may be the one thing least like my usual fare that I have ever made. I kinda like it, actually. :) It all started when I spied a pack of paper flowers I purchased in an "OMG I must own those" moment when I was at Mike's buying other things I didn't need. The flowers are pink and red and brown and yellow and blue, so I went in search of paper that had those colors and found that wavy-line piece in my not-touched-yet-heck-not-even-put-away-yet stash. Then I spent about 4 hours constructing the rest of the parts-is-parts.

Because it's 1/4 the size of a scrapbook page, I took some liberties on the number of elements I added, though I did include a fluffy paper flower I bought online in a weak moment (MS stickers), so there, I've opened and used that packet of cra ... er, embellishments. I stuck pretty close to the sketch, otherwise, until I added that line of ribbon, also purchased in a weak moment, and some pearls to balance it all out.

I can see why people make only one of cards like this. I have parts for another one (it's habit, I can't stop), and I'll probably construct it, too, but no more.

Okay, back to your regular programming. Over and out.

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  1. very pretty...but I agree. I don't know how people make such fussy cards. They are pretty but A LOT of work.

  2. Great card, thanks for playing along!!

  3. Adorable card! Thanks for playing along with the sketch! It's great to see card makers here too!


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