Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Today is a day set aside for honoring the men and women of our military forces who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. We remember them, honor them, and thank them and their families for fighting for all the freedoms we have today.

All across this land of ours, small towns remember their fallen, and it's personal. Here in the nation's capital, we have the unique honor of decorating Arlington National Cemetery.

(Photo from

We also have the distinct honor of hosting the annual Rolling Thunder event:

(Photo from

... where over 250, 000 motorcycles ride through DC not only for our POWs and MIAs, but as a sign of patriotism.

Today is a day I choose to not go into DC. A little too crowded for my nerves, but awesome none the less. If you stand on overpasses in the area, you can catch some of the riders coming into town, and that's pretty neat.

So as you enjoy your day off of work, your gathering of friends and family, and your grilled food of choice, please take a moment to remember our fallen, and thank them for all the opportunities we have been given.

Thank you!


  1. Love your card! And I remember going to Arlington...and how heavy my heart felt. It's overwhelming so see.

    Thank you for this beautiful post. xoxo


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