Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Another week - another messy desk. Well, it's actually the same messy desk; I've just shoved stuff around a little.

Here's what it looks like right now:

Alarmingly the same as last week, but with a few changes I shall enumerate here:

Let's do those numbers:

1. My first rolled daisy made with my new MFT die. I need practice.
2. The Santa stamp I used last night to make this card for the Jingle Belles Rock challenge.
3. My new stamps from Paper Smooches that I want to use next, so they are staged. I did actually use one of the sentiments. See #6.
4. Empty clothespins. They used to hold purple ribbon, but I disappeared them while making a ribbon wreath for a custom order. (pic below)
5. A felt carnation I made after watching this fabby video from my pal Mary Dawn. I just haven't used the carnation on a card yet.
6. Three (3) different Congratulations stamps for my graduation cards. I couldn't decide, so I used them all.
7. Kinda hard to see the 7, but it's there on top of that GAH orange dotted paper I used for my Hambo challenge card. There are also some pieces of purple ribbon there I didn't use yet, and I may add to the ribbon wreath I mentioned in #4.
8. Parts-is-parts for my graduation cards - the pile o'sentiments, mini mortar boards, mini diplomas, and failed tassels.
9. The Copics I used for my Hambo card. I didn't put them away yet because (a) there was still plenty of room on my desk to work, and (b) I am so far behind on challenges, who has the time?!?!??!
10. The brads that will be used on those mortar boards.

About that purple ribbon wreath, here's a peek of it in progress:

So yeah, I have a bazillion things in progress, and it's just easier to keep working though them and stop only when I need to pee, sleep, or go to work. What can I say? I'll clean up later. Maybe.

I'm headed back in to make those grad cards. I hope to use up some patterned papers from the Heaplet. I shall reveal a few of them soon. Very soon.

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  1. Is that something cut from the Lattice Die?!?! HAHHA!! I trued to use that too. But I FAILED! Miserably. Ugh. Love that you post your pics. I'm trying so hard to keep my desk clean. Other areas aren't so good, but I need to keep it clean(er). ;)

  2. Multi-tasking! What a busy, busy desk! TFS, wreath looks fab. #4

  3. I love all that you have going on :) Such fun stuff! Thanks for the peek into your creativity!

  4. Oh forget the clean up - just keep going, it's fascinating. Love the fonts on those Congrats

  5. Clean up later. That's a great plan! Love the stuff on your desk!

  6. Thanks for sharing on WOTT! I love the coziness of your actual workspace... I can relate to that....*smile*

    I'm on Twitter too. Off to follow you!



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