Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SOS Challenge #1 - Ribbon Rewind!

Welcome to the very first Shopping Our Stash challenge! Our fearless leader, Carla, has challenged us to use ... RIBBON! OMG, I was so thrilled to see that challenge you have NO idea. Well, perhaps my beloved 3 (maybe 4) readers are aware, but the rest of you are about to see what I'm talking about (about which I'm talking).

So here's the challenge: Create a project using either your oldest ribbon or the color of ribbon you have the most of OR use your ribbon in a way you normally don't - like make a flower with it, scrunch it up on a card, weave, make a wreath etc.

Did someone say ribbon? HELLO! Okay, first, here is my card:

See that ribbon I used behind the bird? It came from this spool (that's a 6" ruler):

... which lives here with its brethren and sistren:

Yes, there are 4 of them. Not full spools, mind you, but still measurable in MILES. It's very thin and shiny. I love it. WHY do I have these you ask? And well you should! A few years ago I visited the Offray Ribbon Outlet which is an hour away. Their prices are amazing - each of those spools was $2.00, and no, I didn't miss a decimal position. TWO DOLLARS! How could I not?!?!? So those spools are my "what you have the most of" ribbons.

Okay, a little bit more about my card:

First, I got the idea from the first card (second project) posted for the weaving challenge at Our Creative Corner. I cut the opening in the River Rock paper with a bird Shapability. Then I wove the ribbon on my table, taped it to itself to keep it from unraveling, then stuck it to a square of sticky paper to make sure it was good and stuck down. Then I placed THAT behind the opening and taped it into place.

The wing. The wing almost killed me. I think I made it 5 times in various incarnations until I decided on this one. It is also stuck to a piece of sticky paper (like the red line tape, but sold in sheets - mine is from SU). I actually stuck it down THEN die-cut it, and it didn't unravel like I thought it would.

The button is made from card stock. IT IS! I've made these before, but you know how you know stuff, but you forget you know it until someone mentions it to you? Uh-huh. Making your own buttons was a recent challenge over at Splitcoast. Yup.

So now that I've distracted you from the main subject here, let's get back on track. R I B B O N! Go into your stash of ribbon, find the oldest, or your least favorite, or the color you have the most of, or try a new ribbon technique and MAKE SOMETHING WITH IT! Post it back on the SOS challenge blog so we can SEEEEE!

And thanks for stopping by!


  1. This is soooo utterly gorgeous, Leslie! Love this woven bird. And I swear, a paper button? BRILLIANT!! :D

  2. Very impressive Leslie! A woven bird and a handmade paper button!?! Over the top wow creation!

  3. Beautiful!!! Love the technique!!
    I would LOVE to have a ribbon outlet near me :)
    Love your posts too they always make me giggle!

  4. What a Beautiful card and that ribbon is outstanding.
    I love all types of ribbon and wish there was a ribbon outlet near me.


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