Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shopping Our Stash Kick-Off - Have You Posted Yet?

Just a reminder that there is still one week left to participate in the Shopping Our Stash Kick-off Open House Challenge. Just post a photo of your crafty space or your stash (or both!) and a random player will be chosen to win the some gorgeous Wrinkled Seam Binding Ribbon. And who doesn't need more rrrrrribbon?!?!?

To help you get in the mood, I'll show you some more pics of my own crafty stash. First up is part of my shelf of hoarded Basic Grey 6x6 paper pads:

Yeah, I'm on the "give me one of each" frequent shopper list at my LSS. I may have to quit that. Or not. Below that you can see - way over on the right of the lower shelf - my overflowing box of A Muse note card packs. Sigh.

This next photo is the other side of that shelf:

Yeah, more 6x6 papers (not all BG here), a couple of small plastic boxes of charms, and above those are two storage boxes filled with bags of miscellaneous embellishments. We have buttons, stickers, epoxy sticker things, some dominoes, baby bling. you know: stuff.

Lastly I bring you my drawer of SU rrrrribbon:

In my own defense, I am a Demo and I give classes. And since I am always running behind, I plan my projects late, so I have to have all these on hand in case I need them. Yes, I do. I'm trying real hard to think of the last time I actually used this grosgrain ribbon. Hmmm ... Anyway, it's hoarded, and I have it if I ever DO need it. I take comfort in that.

So you go right ahead and show us some of your stash. You know you want to. Once you show it to us, we hope to entice you to use it, too! I'm already feeling the effects of a shift in my brain and I'm using more stuff from my stash. It's working!

You have until the 23rd to link us a pic of your space. Then the first project challenge is the 24th! Can't wait!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. OH MY GOSH ... love that ribbon drawer.

    Looking forward to shopping my stash ~ and maybe yours too :)


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