Monday, May 9, 2011

Orange & Green Thank You

As soon as I typed that title, I broke into song. Well, in my head, at least. I grew up listening to the Irish Rovers, and The Orange & The Green was one of my favorites. That and The Unicorn Song. But anyway, one of my customers doesn't like green (darn her luck she has me as her Demo) and another one told me she's not too fond of orange (*waves*) so I made an orange & green thank you card for this weekend Stamp Camps. Nice how I cater to their every whim, isn't it?

Here's the card:

I started a card stock share for these new DS papers - Beyond the Garden - and it's quite popular. So I thought I'd taunt The Ladies with another project using the papers so they'll need to fill up another share. :) I'm bad that way.

The orange is Tangerine Tango and the green is Wild Wasabi. I used some of our new white baker's twine, and the Large Oval and Scallop Oval punches. The sentiment is from the With All My Heart set. I really like how this came out!

In other news, I work with some really smart people. I was whining to them today about how my old PC is making me stabby and I really need a new one. We talked defrag; we talked backup; we talked converting my printer to USB so I could use it from my laptop. In the end, we decided my best and cheapest option is to get a new USB wireless-network-ready printer (for probably less than it will cost to convert my current one), back up my old PC to my external hard drive (and stop using it), and call it done. This could work! If I can print from my laptop, I won't get so stabby mailing stuff to myself from the laptop and having it take 2 hours to open on the PC and print. Oh, happy day! :) At this rate, I might survive another one of those Special Date books I tried to make. Maybe.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ahhh...the Irish Rovers. The unicorn song was my favorite. I like how subtle the orange and green colors ended up, now THAT I could do. Good luck with your wi-free printer and laptop. I've been using that type of setup for about 3 years and it's wonderful.

  2. oof! i think this card could convert even the most staunch of orange-n-green dislikers, cause it's just SO VERY AWESOME!!!!!!!!! which is why i am totally forgiving you for putting the irish rovers' unicorn song in my head, even though i don't know the words and i've just got the TUNE of it and i suspect it'll be there most of the day. arrgh. (but hey it IS a reallllllllllly pretty card!!!) :)


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