Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Graduation Cards

The other day one of my peeps mentioned she was seeking ideas for a graduation card, and since I have half the Blogosphere in my Google Reader list, I did a quick search for her. Seeing as it's graduation season again, it wouldn't hurt me to get some ideas, too. I sent her a few links, but this one from Jackie Topa's site stuck in my brain because I thought it would be a great way to use some paper from the Heaplet. (She has a couple of other super graduation cards, too, if you want to be impressed. I chose the simpler one on purpose. ;/)

Last night I looked through my stash for a "congratulations" stamp, and I found three. Being indecisive, I used all three, and stamped 10 images total. You'll see them in a sec. My whine du jour is those freakin' mortar boards. Okay, not the mortar boards themselves, since those are just punched squares, but the tassels - ugh. I made 10 tassels and killed almost a whole pack of the SU white baker's twine, and I hated intensely disliked them. I needed a Plan B.

I went back to my standby mortar board image from the SU Tassel Time set, stamped it with Versamark ink onto black card stock, and embossed it with gold. Then I cut out all the tassels. No, I did NOT want to just use those caps - I just wanted the stoopid tassels.

Here is what one of the finished caps looks like:

So starting with these with these parts-is-parts:

... I set to work, rummaging through the Heaplet until I came up with 10 pieces of remnants I could use, and I made 10 graduation cards. Here is one of them:

Whoa, is that out of focus or am I really tired? *squints* Sorry about that.

Here is another one of the sentiments on the same patterned paper:

That one is from my new Paper Smooches sentiments sets. I really like it!

Here's another SU sentiment:

But out of all of them, I think I like this combination of sentiment style + paper the best:

I'll bag and tag these later this week for Saturday's market. Oh, the diplomas are just rolled-up pieced of printer paper tied with a piece of SU red & white baker's twine.

In other news, I keep forgetting to tell you I'll be participating in a blog hop on Friday for Hambo Stamps! It's a hop for both their DT (The Bacon Bits - HAHAHA!) and customers. I got in just under the wire. I had a ton of fun making my card, and that's all I'm going to say. :) So make sure to stop by on Friday to check out what everyone did!

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  1. Nice! I like it... I particularly like the little scroll and the embossed tassels!

  2. Look at you knocking out the grad cards. I've got requests for some at the coffee shop, but I have yet to make any :)

  3. Holy crap! Love these graduation cards! But, ummm, wow...they look like a ton of work! All those mortarboards & teeny scrolls? Ack! More power to ya! ;)


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