Friday, May 13, 2011

Sweet 16

Aaaaand we're back. Lots of people were up in arms today and yesterday because Blogger was either in Read-Only mode (no commenting or posting allowed) or in recovery (posts disappearing, links broken). Much sweat was sweat and spit was spit, but in the end, we're back. And you know what - WE LIVED! WE DID! And anyway, those good folks at Blogger run massive server farms for us and add new widgets and work all. the. time. And it is all F R E E. FREE, people. So just think of it as being unplugged for a while and talk to someone or read a book. That's crazy talk, I know, but in the old days, it's what we did.

Okay, let's move along.

Last week at my market someone was looking for a Sweet 16 card. Well, you know me - that's way too specific. And if I don't sell it, I get to carry it with me for years, and store it all Winter in my teeny tiny condo. So I choose not to get specific, and I had to say, "No, sorry."

Fast forward to this evening, and ... and don't know what came over me, but I made two Sweet 16 cards. And you know what? They are PINK! I must be ill.

Before I show them to you, I must caution you: the photographer didn't show up again (I think he ran off with the maid), so yours truly took these pics, and they're kinda sideways. Please don't wrench your neck.

Okay, here you go - the first one:

So. much. pink. And look, the 16 is crooked. Sigh. The papers are Basic Grey olivia, and since I lack the mix-em-up gene along with the collage gene, I like BG because you can mix and match the papers in the pack and they pretty much work. I need all the help I can get.

The pink ribbon is from my Every Color Pink Ribbon But The One I Need box; the rosette is SU; the 'sweet' is from SU's Fabulous Phrases and is stamped in Baja Breeze; the numbers were cut with some PTI dies; and the square were cut with Nestabilities.

Here is the second one - same thing, just different papers:

So now that my customers are no longer looking for Sweet 16 cards, I have two to offer. That's how I roll, people.

In other news, it's supposed to rain all weekend, so no promises about me showing up to the market tomorrow. Paper doesn't like to get wet. We'll see. If I don't go, I might actually make the 4th card for Sunday & Monday's Stamp Camps. ;/ Hey, I have until midnight Saturday before I panic. LOTS of time.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are both sweet! Really fab Leslie cards. I hope you get $8 for each of these beauties! Love them :)

  2. GASP! These are lovely! "... my little tomboy now wears satin and lace..."

  3. lovely cards ... if we're voting, I like the top card best :)

  4. Sweet cards! And I love how you did the ribbon treatment - very well done! Dare I admit, I didn't mind that blogger was down? Gasp! But am very glad it is back up and running!

  5. Very pretty and oh-so-perfect for a sweet 16! Pretty in PINK! HAHHAH!! Oh sorry, I couldn't resist. *ahem* ANYWAY...I think these are perfect AND will sell. So there. :P


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