Sunday, May 8, 2011

Market Update (long)

Yesterday was the first farmers market of the season, and it was a glorious Spring day. We could not have asked for better weather!

I didn't get a pavilion space this year, so I get to set up a tent. The good news is I have more space to show off my stuff. :) Here is my set-up yesterday:

I hope to have more framed ribbon wreaths on that back table. Several people commented on them, AND I got a commission for a purple one. YAY! Plus, there's room on that table for anything else I think up that's not a card.

I apologize in advance for the poorer-than-usual quality of these photos, but it was so BRIGHT out, I couldn't deal with it.

For the first month or so of the markets, the farmers have mostly plants and the few early vegetables. Here we have asparagus at Farmer Katie's tables:

... and rhubarb:

A cooler full of rhubarb. Some of this came home with me.

Over at Farmer Mike's stand, we have MATERS:

They have a green-house, so they have 'maters from the beginning.

Some of these came home with me, too:

We also had cukes:

Baby zukes:

and baby summer squash:

We also had some of these peppers:

At least I think they're peppers. Note to self: ask next week.



Farmer Mike's farm is 2 hours South of here, so he has an earlier growing season. As soon as his strawberries are ending, the other farmers are just starting to get theirs in. We WIN!

I commented to Mike he needed to have squash blossoms. He said, "Oh, like these?" -->

Um, yeah. ;/

More asparagus:

and 'mater plants:

I saw lots of people walking around with these.

More radishes at Farmer Margie's:

and onions:

I call them orn-yons, with a nod to the late, great, Justin Wilson.

Margie also quilts and makes pillows. Here is one with pretty blue flutterbys:

It sold.

Here's one with cool cats:

This next guy looks suspiciously like our Twitter friend @Southboundcat:

And another kitty pillow:

Yesterday was also the annual May Day parade. Such a pretty day! Here is Main Street, all blocked off and ready to go:

Check out this old car:

And this new one:

I didn't even think they MADE Fiats any more.

At first I thought this was a fire truck, but nope. It's a TOW TRUCK:

H U G E !!!!

There is a new vendor across from me this year, and she sells CAKE POPS:

She only had chocolate and vanilla yesterday, but she said she has LOTS more flavors, and will bring them next week. I am doomed.

She also has cookies on sticks:

The plant booth was hopping! The light was SO BRIGHT, I couldn't get decent pics of all her hanging plants. Here is one that came out sorta okay:

And this one was under a table, so I wasn't blinded and the image wasn't washed out:

This combination of colors is GOR-JUS:

She also had tables of annuals:

This one might be my favorite:

Now for the DOGGIE portion of our show. OMG, they were EVERYWHERE. Let's get started.

These two are the sweetest furry sisters:

As soon as I knelt down to pet them, the brown one sat with her back to me and leaned into me to be petted. Their Mom said that is pretty normal for her.

A doggie encounter:

Two Havanese:

The breed is from Havana, Cuba. Like curly Lhasas.

This guy really, REALLY wanted Spiderman's cookie:

A doggie in the parade:

A big fur-ball walking past my tent:

Next up, such a cute puppy! Look at those EARS:

He was worthy of another shot:

More doggies:

And another:

Another handsome beast:

A market regular is back:

Another doggie encounter:

A Bassett strolled by:

A Pug for Carla:

A weiner dog:

and are you sitting down? Check out this cutie:

He's 10 weeks old! Here's another shot:

Later in the day he was walking through the market. I don't think he's as big as one of the paving bricks! SO ADORABLE!

Okay, one more of the pug for Carla:

That's it! What a perfect day it was! Today I'm in recovery. Heh heh. I did get asked for a sweet 16 card (nope), more Wedding cards (that section is pretty thin) and graduation (also pretty thin.) I guess I have my marching orders for this week. I also need to catch up on challenges and think about my Stamp Camps, which are next Sunday and Monday. I hope to have something stampy to show you soon.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. YEAH!! I love Market coverage!! Great doggie pics!!! Glad you had a good day. What will you do if it is a rainy day now that you are outside??

  2. You have such a great market! And I want that puppy! Hope it's a very fun & fruitful season!

  3. I really enjoy your market coverage, I'm so glad it's market season again!

  4. OOHHH two pug shots and squash too! I am in heaven. I made my husband stop his online game to come and look... I love Market Season and your tent looks so cool. I think my next dog might have to be a Havenese...too cute. I would love to find anything remotely resembling those delish veggies here in our stores right now.

  5. This is the third year I've been reading your market blog, and when the first one comes up we know summer is just around the corner. :)
    Stuffed zucchini blooms... yum! And all those tomatoes! I want the German Shepherd puppy, btw. :)

  6. Bright - you bet - gorgeous photos of the produce -you bet. Your stall looks great..what a fab day out. With or without Farmer Mike, you're way ahead of us on produce...I can almost taste the fresh....lvoely.

  7. I'm so happy it's market season again. I love your colorful pictures of vegetables, fruit and flowers. Good luck this year.

  8. Love all the bright, happy, colorful pics from the market! And the doggie pics!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! These pics make me so happy. I know it's exhausting for you, but hopefully profitable, too. Go git 'em, girl. ;)

  9. Wonderful, wonderful pics of your first market day of the season. Love all the colours they make me feel so happy. I've been envying your market for a year or three now too and will look forward with uncontainable glee every week to see what's happening over your neck of the woods.
    Good luck Leslie, have a fruitful season :) x

  10. What a great day! Thanks for sharing it with us. So many doggies! Good luck this season - and your set-up looks great.


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