Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sketchy Sunday {TG021}

Remember last week when I said I'd caught up on all my Sketchy Sunday challenges over at Tiff's blog? I WAS WRONG!!! I was caught up for the previous 3 weeks, but another one was posted THAT VERY DAY. I just did last week's so now I'm ready for tomorrow's. Sigh.

Here's the sketch:

And here is my card:

I actually wanted to flip the sketch so this would be a vertical card and ergo it would fit in my card rack, but the x's and o's looked weird on their side(s), so I didn't. I used more of the olivia Basic Grey 12x12 papers that are on top of the Heaplet, even though they are (gah) pink. The kitteh and sentiment are from the Paper Smooches Chubby Chums set. The button is from my stash, the white twine is SU and the green layer is a piece of my precious hoarded SU Sage Shadow. When it's gone I may weep.

In other news, remember Krum from several summers ago? He was a 4-wk-old stow-away kitteh that was adopted by a big-hearted market regular we'll call J. Last summer J mentioned to the farmer that if another one was "misplaced" or otherwise needed a home, she'd love to take him. Today, the farmer said she had a kitteh, and J came running over and said YES, I'LL TAKE HIM! So next week we should get to see the little bugger before J takes him home. We are soooo excited! For now the kitteh is sleeping with the farmer and stays in her bedroom during the day while she's at the markets. I love happy endings!

I'll get my market update done tonight or tomorrow. It was H O T today and I am fading.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Good Morning!!!! I, too, LOVE happy endings :) YAY for loved kitties!!! I think your card pretty much suits your story! It's adorable! That is some of my favorite Basic Grey paper of all time. I love that die you used in the center-perfection! Thanks so much for using my sketch!


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