Monday, May 30, 2011

Hambo Hoedown - Over the Moon

It's time for another Hambo Hoedown challenge. The people who played last week got this moonscape image:

As is my nature, I immediately started plotting my strategy for the image, but - as is also standard in my world - I forgot to remember the PLUS part of the challenge ... there is always an AND in there that I seem to forget.

As I prepared this post, I reviewed the Hambo Hoedown post for what I'd missed, and *gasp* we were supposed to use texture on our card! I was resigned to post this as a non-entry when I spied the word "optional". I WAS SAVED! So here is my textureless moonscape card:

I suppose you could say it has texture because of my distressed brayering. Or because the stars are raised up a little. Or because the computer-generated sentiment is popped up. But no, those are a stretch, even for me.

Please note that there is no such thing as "distressed brayering", unless I've just invented it. My brayering skillz suk, and this is actually the best I can do. One of these days, I'm going to take a class from Michelle Zindorf and attain brayering skillz. One day, for sure.

And if the stars are aligned, I'll try another one of these with texture. I'm always going for those elusive extra credit points, you know. :)

Thanks for stopping b y!


  1. I love it...always love texture..and I think your brayering will pass for texture :-)
    Well done!

  2. I actually love how your sky turned out! And isn't "optional" a wonderful word? :) I would love to take a Zindorf class too -- she surely is the brayer queen! Thanks for playing along at the Hoedown this week!

  3. I think your brayering looks great and the sentiment is sweet :) Thanks for playing at the Hoedown!

  4. When I saw the background (before I read what you wrote) I said to myself "That's the coolest background! How did she do that?!" To be honest I think the card would suk if it was all even and such. :)

  5. I agree with the others - the background turned out faboo. It reminds me of how there is an aura of light around a planet, but it gets darker as you get deeper into space. Or that's how they do it in the movies anyway! LOL Thanks for sharing your fun card Leslie! :)

  6. I can't brayer worth crap ....yours looks waaaaay better!
    Great card!

  7. I did the same thing! I made these two fabulous cards using the moonscape image and completely forgot the texture! That's when it became "optional"! Your card is wonderful! I love the sky! Thanks for joining us at Hambo Hoedown!

  8. There are no mistakes in stamping! Right? You've invented a new technque & I like it! It works great for this card. I have 2 friends that are taking a Zindorf class in June & I'm hoping some of what they learn will rub off on me!

  9. I love this card, I agree with everyone else, and even though you don't love me to the moon & back I think you should send it to me. :) Yes?

    It's one of my fave Leslie cards EVER!!!!!!! ♥

  10. I think your background technique with the brayer ABSOLUTELY should count as I right folks???? Love this card and I am glad you shared it with us this week at the Hoedown!


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