Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock #20 - Santa

Once again I am down to the wire with another challenge. This evening I was happily making miniature graduation caps and diplomas when I realized the deadline for the Jingle Belles Rock challenge submission is Wednesday at 6 pm ET. Well, that's tomorrow, and I don't even get HOME until then, which would have meant I'd miss it - can't have that!!!! So I dropped the graduations stuff (actually, I shoved it aside), and started to sweat. You see, this week's challenge is to use a Santa image on your card. Well, anyone who has read this blog for a while knows I don't "do" Christmas. I intensely dislike the commercialism that surrounds the holiday, so when I do make cards, they rarely involve Santa or presents or shopping. Nope, so I was convinced I owned no Santa stamps. None.

Luckily for me, I found one in an SU set *wipes brow* but it was really tiny, and the paper I'd selected (from the Heaplet) was kinda busy, so I thought I'd add a few layers under the image so you could even see it. I went a little crazy and tried to stack as many different die-cut shapes as I could, and this is what came out:

Blue? She used blue?!? Yeah, there are a few blue words on the printed paper, but I managed to cover them up with the blue layer and the ribbon. Go, me.

The striped piece of paper is the strip of the green piece I'd trimmed off - I didn't even know it was two-sided! Cool!

SU peeps: In case you are wondering, No, the new Postage punch does not fit the Santa image. Well, it fits, but it doesn't line up. I sure tried.

By the way, everything on this card was made from the Heaplet - all the die-cuts and even the base is from my remnant box. Yes, I am very proud.

Now I must hit Publish so I can go to bed. It's waaaay past my bedtime!

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  1. Cute card! I would play along but I can barely get into the Stamp Cave now :-( Maybe next week
    Too bad about the punch...

  2. gorgeous santa stamp - so pretty

  3. ok HA! so i was thinking, "well she did a google image search for a cute santa image, that's quite brilliant!" but no...you actually *HAD* a santa stamp, go figure! :) :) :) love the way you've parlayed that SMALL image into a full-on card that WORKS! i also love the idea of layering all different diecut shapes! that looks ♥REALLY♥ cool and i shall steal (AHEM) "adapt" that idea presently!!!!! :) :) :)

  4. You crack me up. I rarely use Santa and I almost used this very same stamp. I do like the blue you chose. It's a wonderful frame for your image.

  5. I love the rockin' blue ... and I love the term "heaplet" too ... I just may have to borrow it ... so glad you found time to join our jingle belles fun.

  6. Cute! I LOVE that background paper!!!

  7. Yes, I'm catching up on commenting on ALL your blog posts!! :D I had no idea I didn't comment on this one. WHAT'S wrong with me?! I love this Santa!! He's awesome! And I can't believe how quick you whipped this card out, too. You are my hero. :)


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