Sunday, May 22, 2011

Market Update (5/21/11)

Well, since I'm posting this, apparently I've survived The Rapture. Someone on Twitter just asked if there were any good "After Rapture" sales today. Too funny.

Yesterday was GORgeous:

... and a perfect day for the market. Unfortunately, it was an all-around slow day sales-wise, which we attributed to soccer games, gardening, Rapture planning, and maybe the phase of the moon. We have slow days and busy days and there really is no way to predict what the traffic will be. One day it was pouring rain, and people ran in with their umbrellas to buy tomatoes. Go figure.

Let's review the veggie offerings. First we have 'mater plants:

Lots of these sold. Next up: the tomato table:

... with 'maters:

... peppers:

... and squash:

Farmer Mike also had Bok Choy:

... and strawberries:


and Kohlrabi:

He also had some chives and arugula:

and some dill and parsley:

Mmmmm, Rhubarb:

I got two bunches of the rhubarb and some asparagus. I'll cook down the rhubarb and strawberries later today.

Lots of annuals at the flower tent:

And for the doggie portion of the show, we have these two fellas:

and this SIX WEEK old puppy (fuzzy, but adorable):

and his/her sibling:

They have 6 puppies total, all promised to new homes.

This is a Golden Retriever + Cavalier King Charles Spaniel + Poodle. I think he said Golden Cavadoodle. SO CUTE!

Curly hair on the ears!

Pretty Collie:

Check out the black stripe on his/her tail:

This little guy was hovering under the tables:

A butt shot (sorry):

Then this handsome dude walked by:

... with his siblings:

Check out that beard on the dog!

There were a lot more dogs that came through, but most of them were either moving too fast or I would have had to stalk them to get a photo, so I chose not to.

One other excitement: this car was parked on our block:

It's a vintage Packard. Isn't it pretty? Here's a shot without the light pole:

We have no idea to whom it belongs, but it was quite the attention-getter all day.

That's it. Sales were very slow, even for the farmers. I got sunburned because my tent has no side panels. I'll fashion some next week so I don't die when it gets REALLY hot later this summer.

I hope to spend today catching up on some challenges, so maybe I'll have something crafty to share with you later.

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  1. Puppy alert! That black one is so cute!
    Your market is so lovely and serene, really beautiful. And the people all seem so laid-back and at ease. A real haven.

  2. Looks like a lovely market day - your produce looks delicious and the puppies are just too cute!

  3. I thought you said it was a slow day - the puppy action was great! That's what's important, right? :)

  4. What lovely pics from the market!! I wish I could go. The rhubarb & strawberries would make a delicious crisp...mmm. And all the fresh green stuff & tomatoes?! Yum yum yum!!

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention the sweet puppies. How cute! :)


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