Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Sneaky Peek

I'm still playing with my new goodies from SU, so here's another sneak peek from the Holiday Mini:

(Please ignore the GLARE.) This is made with paper from the Berry Bouquet DSP, which I also used on that box I posted earlier, but I failed to identify the papers used at that time. ;/

Also used here are a few other new items. The stamped wreath and sentiment are from the Bright Hopes stamp set. I hope to show you a few more stamps from there between now and September 1st, just to taunt you, you know. :)

Note: That sentiment doesn't fit in the Word Window punch - it's too long. So I cut the sentiment into a 3/8" wide strip, which just fits into the punch, and I put the ends, one at a time, through the back of the punch to cut the ends. Let me know if you haven't seen this done a squillion times and I'll take pics to show you how.

Ready for some detail? See the glops of not-yet-dry stuff on the berries:

That's our new Dazzling Details, which is like glitter glue by that OTHER company whose name rhymes with "nickels". Uh-huh. And how about some velvet rrrrribbon:

It's 3/8" wide and soooooo soft. A VERY nice touch, I think. You can also see the wreath stamp in more detail here. This set has a tree and a few other stamps with the same motif. Very nice.

That's it for the sneaky peeks tonight. Maybe I'll play with some Halloween stuff tomorrow. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. great sneak peeks

    But what I really like is that quote on your blog by
    Pablo Picasso

  2. VELVET!!!! Major *swoon*-age. So yummy.

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  4. What beautiful papers and oh that gorgeous ribbon! Swooning!

  5. oh *CARP* i think you may have just enabled me into that divine ♥♥♥PAPER♥♥♥ is it a very big set, or sold in sheets? also that ribbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn which... i don't even HAVE the "ribbon fetish" that some ppl (!!!) have... but it's calling to me. so this post was pretty much "card porn" to me, but in a really really good, much less disgusting than that phrase makes it sound, kind way. obviously!!! :) :) :)


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