Saturday, August 6, 2011

Market Update (8/6/2011)

Happy Saturday evening! It was kinda hot but mostly humid for today's farmers' market, but there was at least a nice breeze, so people were out and shopping. Let's jump right in to some pictures!

Some of those tiny watermelon(s):


Roma tomatoes:

Yellow tomatoes:

Tomatillo (not tomatoes):

Sweet peppers:

(ugh) Okra:

Someone was actually filling a huge bag with this and smiling! (I don't understand.)


Summer squash:


Bell peppers:


and a VAT of basil:


HOT peppers:

People bought bags of these, too. (Don't get that, either.) However, I'm pondering Jerk Seasoning. Farmer Mike suggested I wait until he has some dried peppers on hand. Hmmm, must investigate options.


Once again, these flew out of the bins today.

And tiny melon:

Some of these are palm-sized. And sweeeet. I got one that will walk if left until tomorrow. Mmmm.

(Sudden change of focus...)

The rock lady had the cutest critters! This is a gopher:

and an owl:

and, in the Crooked spirit, Flintstones' characters painted on ... wait for it ... flint stones:


Back to produce ... I sat next to Farmer Margie today and these peaches:

until I was compelled to buy some. OMG, so good.

Onions (orn-yons, with a nod to Justin Wilson):

Farmer Katie had these handsome yellow squash:

and (ugh) baby okra:

cute little tomatoes:

and lots of fruit:

and pretty Zinnias:

Over at the flower tent, I saw these:

HOT HOT HOT peppers, which is why they are ornamental.

And these, which are not daisies, but the name was a mile long and my grey matter couldn't retain the words:

I do remember they are in the Black-eyed Susan family, and look, their centers are raised up:

For a cheap thrill, hover over that picture and look at it's name (as stored on my computer). :)


and my flower arrangement:


Ready for the doggie portion of the show? For starters, here's a handsome dude:

a teeny tiny cutie:

and the Pug from last week, only from the front this time:

Okay, now for the clever idea of the day: one of our jewelers made some chandeliers for doll houses:

Isn't that a cute idea?! Think of the possibilities. Oh, and she made the blue glass beads.

And last, but not least, is the color combo du jour:

(Yeah, I know, it's out of focus, but you get the idea.) This is a scarf being made by the rock lady, and I saw lime, turquoise, tan and off-white. Look for this on a card of mine, coming soon!

Okay, that's all I have. Thanks for reading this far! And I hope to have something crafty for you Sunday!

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  1. Handsome doggies! And the doll chandeliers is a cute idea. I wonder if there's much of a market for that? Hmmmm.

  2. What a great set of pics and commentary! Love your market posts...makes me sad though we don't have squash and okra here!

  3. I love your Farmer's Market updates. I would have been eating peaches all day long!


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