Friday, August 26, 2011


I seem to be surrounded by excitable people. You know the ones: "do you think it's going to rain should I bring an umbrella omg I don't want to get wet what should I do", or "there's an accident on the other side of town and I know you don't live over there but do you think traffic will be bad in 5 hours when you leave for home", or "you live on the East Coast there's a hurricane coming I can't believe you haven't driven to Ohio yet". Yeah, those people. To them I say:

I decided a long time ago that some things just aren't worth worrying about. I just let. it. go. I'm pretty sure "meh" doesn't mean "I don't care", but in my world that's how I use it. As in "whatever".

I saw a digitally-created "meh" card online somewhere and decided if I ever found the time, I'd make one of my own. That card was plain white with a black "meh" in the center. Well, I have so much paper, I used some on my version of the card. This is a piece of (I think) Cosmo Cricket, and I declared the flower colors to be Real Red and River Rock. Love them!

The letters are some chipboard letters from my stash that I got a few years ago in the dollar section of Target, but I was out of h's, so I had to make my own (chronicled here). WHO KNEW these three stinkin' letters would take me three days to paint?!?! I sanded the m's and e's to get the smooth surface off, but the edges were a royal PITA.

I wrapped a piece of red satin ribbon around the papers and used my last white cloth flower:

The leaves are punched from a piece of River Rock remnant with an MS punch, and there's a rhinestone in the center of the flower that attaches it to the card.

Pretty easy once I got those #($^#&$^ letters painted. ;/

We're supposed to get a little wind and rain Saturday night and into Sunday morning. I'm not too worried, though I secretly hope Irene shifts East a bit and leaves us alone. No matter what, I have plenty of stampy stuff planned, and none of it requires electricity or water, so I'm all set. I'm even planning to play some of the VSN challenges over on Splitcoast. You should come play!

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  1. Brilliant! I know a lot of people I would send that card to! (Actually, I'd prefer "whatever")( Or "bite me")

  2. Gorgeous card! I am a Meh kind of person,too. All you have to say to some people is "hurricane" and it's as if you screamed SHARK! on a beach full of people. Knickers all in a knot... for naught.

  3. I'm glad somebody doesn't buy into the "get 'em all scared and then sell them cars" media frenzy. hope your 'lectricity stays on, at least....

  4. I agree.... If I get one more phone call from a relative telling me to come visit them to wait out the storm I am going to scream....or at least change my telephone number.

  5. great attitude! We are heading your way for vacation. Supposed to be meeting my sister at VA Beach (Sandbridge) ... hope the house is still there (with electricity) on Sunday :)


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