Friday, August 26, 2011

Jingle Belles Rock # 35 - Midas Touch

Guess what, kids? I'm the guest Belle over at this week's Jingle Belles Rock challenge! I KNOW! Squee!

The Belles are always on the look-out for new ideas for challenges, so when I thought of using a pretty piece of gold-embossed paper I have in my stash, I thought about Midas (that would be King Midas - not the muffler shop) and all things gold; I pitched the idea and they liked it, so here we are!

While the King Midas story is all about gold, you guys get a break and can use gold or silver, with white or vanilla/cream as a neutral, or mix and match if you'd like! I stuck with mostly gold for my card:

In spite of my sukky photography skillz, or maybe because of them, you can see the gleam of the gold-embossed words on this paper. It's just gorgeous. I added a piece of ruffled cream ribbon under a two-sided gold satin ribbon to give it a little contrast.

The sentiment was stamped onto a piece of vanilla, then embossed with some Stampendous sparkly gold EP. I needed it to shine more than the regular matte gold EP would since the gold in the embossed paper is so shiny.

The top of the card looked nekkid (you all know by now I have issues with white space, even when it's gold), and it needed something, so I punched a snowflake from some SU Brushed Gold paper, went over it with a Versamarker, sprinkled it with some of the same glittery gold EP and heat-embossed it.

(You can see where I missed, but that's okay!) :):)

Because I had gold on the brain, I put a gold eyelet in the center of the snowflake and tied some retired SU gold cord around it a few times, then tied it into a bow. It's stuck on with a glue dot - those things are strong!

I also used some SU Brushed Gold for the layer between the pretty paper and the vanilla card base. You can kinda see it to the left of the snowflake. Heh heh - I should have used BRIGHT, SHINY gold paper, but I think that might have been a bit much.

So there she is - my Midas card:

Now go forth, dig out some gold or silver papers, and make your own Midas card, then link up over at the Jingle Belles blog so we can see what you've made!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Woot woot, L! Hooray for being a guest DT. That gold embossed paper is amazing. I would not have known what to do with it. GORGEOUS.

  2. hahaha nice paper. I think I hoard that one more than any other paper out there.
    Great card.

  3. there's something about gold with gold that is just very smart and understated. this card is just lovely and the pleated ribbon underneath is perfect as that little contrast. really pretty paper. thanks for a great challenge

  4. ok, so we're on week 35 and it was only on about week 32 that i suddenly realized i had spaced (for 31 weeks--impressive!!!) on leaving comments for our JB lovely guest stars during their weeks!!!!!!!!!!!! b/c of course i have emailed with you etc and you KNOW i love this card, but it's not really the same as coming over DURING THE WEEK and saying so, is it? but i'm trying to remedy that now. :)

    ♥♥♥LOVE♥♥♥ this gloriously golden masterpiece (especially that inspirational text paper!) and i repeat my conviction that this was one of the BEST prompts of the year just b/c it made me reallllllllly think and thus be more creative than i might otherwise have been so THANK YOU missus!!! ♥

    ps: i've had the midas muffler jingle in my head off and on all week. meh. but still i LOVED THIS PROMPT!!!!!! :)

    pss: if anyone HAD made a midas muffler based card i would pretty much had to over-ride your choices and award them ALL THREE shout-out spots! :) :) :)

  5. Midas may have touched this but you have blended it together so wonderfully with all those shades of gold. Thanks for a great challenge this week.


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