Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spot The Mistake - Results

On Wednesday I posted my latest Spot The Mistake opportunity, and you guys came through as usual. Let's look at those responses:

1. "It's one of the punch-outs form the tree" - should be from the tree. Yes, right out of the gate!
2. you appear to be missing a piece of vellum underlay on the bottom left corner of your tree Not a mistake. It's actually missing a few of the punch-out thingies, but I decided I liked it that way.
3."My bad'? should it be ME bad Nope, it's just some US slang I unfortunately picked up. It means "my mistake".

I think that's most of them. There was one more I had my eye on, but mostly because it bugs ME. I can be good and let. it. go.

Now we need to pick a winner! I've decided to do this via, using the number of people who responded (minus those, who don't want or need any of my stuff) instead of counting the actual comments, so ... drum-roll please ....

Number 4! (That's the 4th person to comment that wanted to be included, not necessarily the 4th comment. Whatever.) ... SUE! You are our winner! COME ON DOWN!!!!

Please email me and I'll get your prize out to you next week. I have no idea what it will be yet, so we'll both be surprised.

Thanks for playing, everyone!!!!


  1. FABULOUS! I love surprises! I just can't believe that I could make more mistakes in my comments than you made in the post and not be totally disqualified :) Thanks!

  2. Well done Sue, and thanks Leslie for enlightening me, methinks I need a US jargon notebook to keep me up with you folks.....:D

  3. Geez...I got all excited...and then I remembered I had not commented me!!


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