Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spot The Mistake!

It's time for another round of Spot The Mistake! There may or may not be at least one mistake in last night's blog post. If you find it, please comment on THIS post and tell me what you think it is. I'll go rummage in the Captain's Quarters and find something to give away.

1. You can comment more thank once, but only if you find something else.
2. You are allowed to find mistakes I don't know about yet.
3. You usually do.
4. No cheating.
5. Finding mistakes in THIS post will get you disqualified.
6. I mean it.
7. I've had a rough week.
8. My dis-assembly of the Big Shot, while it might have been a mistake, is not going to win you favor if mentioned.
9. I said it's been a bad week.

ETA: Enter by 10 pm ET on Friday, Aug 19th. I will pick one random response in a yet-to-be-determined, probably unfair, or just weird, method.

Good luck!

(and thanks for stopping by)

PS: I am inordinately proud that Blogger found zero spelling mistakes in this post. :)


  1. i did not find a mistake...i did find a sentence that made very little sense to me...but it was still grammatically there

  2. Ah HA, I found it. "It's one of the punch-outs form the tree" - should be from the tree.

  3. But how are you going to extract those plates from the rollers? Are they sending new plates, too? What would cause it to do such a thing?

  4. Check out that swirl on the top right. It's one of the punch-outs form the tree. :)

    FORM instead of FROM in the sentence above... I believe that is the mistake?

    Still love the card!

  5. well the misttake of 'form' aka 'from' is obvious.
    But the real mistake is the fact thaat youu used tear drops on the stars. In my eyes that would be a big misstake... they are very distracting and are compeeting with the bling of the treee.....your eyes and the eyes of your other reeaders may see it differently. just sayin'
    Oh and do I get extra credit if I load my commment with typos?
    Oh wait...I don't want any of your stuff....I take it back ...please withdraawl my name from your random drawing. thank yuo/

  6. Although I agree with the others who've commented before me about the form/from dealie-o, I have to wonder about this: "I was reduced to punching since the snowflake punch was too detailed to cut..." Did you mean the die was too detailed? I'm so sorry about your debacle and the resulting discombobulation of your usual grace under stress (but, of course, I appreciate that said discombobulation is resulting in a giveaway, greedy li'l girl that I can be) Hope your new Big Shot shows up soon!

  7. DOH! I'm the one who's making mistakes! You punched STARS because the SNOWFLAKE punch was too detailed! I'm with you on the "it's been a bad week thing"... Ignore me, please - I'm going to go take a nap...

  8. the form/from thingy..

    but also, you appear to be missing a piece of vellum underlay on the bottom left corner of your tree... does that count as a mistake? or just a byproduct of the Big Shot craftastrophe?

  9. So sorry to hear about the Big Shot!
    Guess he's not such a Big Shot is he?
    Gawd, I'd sure miss mine!
    I too got the form/from, and the little vellum missing from the tree.
    Hope your week gets better.

  10. Yep, got the form/from too. But what is that 'My bad'? should it be ME bad or is that just some more Leslie speak....which I laugh at every day.
    Love ya girl. Still making everyday worthwhile for me.
    Get down to that farmer's market too, missed my veggies last week :/
    Can you also, explain my fettish for Basic Grey 6" x 6" pads, been collecting them since they were invented. *hides head in total shame*
    I'm still using a Cuttlebug but can understand your total horror and dismay at losing your Big Shot in such a painful, untimely death.
    Jenny x

  11. you are too funny...who cares if there are mistakes? that is what a blog is for, isn't it? to see if people are paying attention to what you have to say? i'm just glad they are sending you a new machine, and I hope your plates made it out safely...they should send you new ones of those too!

  12. From/form. I love your card. Great topper! Very sorry to hear about your big shot.

  13. I gave up worrying about any spelling/grammar mistakes when I gave up teaching! I am all about the content/motivation/intention -- not the format! B

    Oh and I loved the little dew droppy things on the stars!


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