Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SOS Challenge #13 - The Weakest Link

This week's challenge at Shopping Our Stash is The Weakest Link. From our fearless leader: Do you have the best intentions of not buying anything new, but seem to always "fall" for a certain company's release or item? Maybe you just have to have the Basic Grey paper pads or new Magnolia stamps, or maybe you just can't resist buying a certain color supplies, or have to have more Wild Orchid Craft flowers? Whatever its, please use that and tells us what is your weakest link!


Here is my card, and then I'll explain:

Kinda busy, isn't it? My weakest link(s) are: Basic Grey 6x6 pads, MFT dies, and ribbon. There's more, but we'll start with those.

Basic Grey: I was late to this party, but not by much. To make a very long story short, I am on a Basic Grey 6x6 pad Frequent Shoppers list at the LSS, and I get "one of each, please", as in every. single. one. On this card, all the papers I used are from the Lauderdale 6x6 pad.

MFT dies: Late to this party, too, but again, not by much. I really didn't want to fall out of love with my Nestabilities, and I do still love them and use them almost every day, but I'm over them. That means I am not swooning over the new Nestabilities releases any more. Nope. NOW I swoon over the MFT releases. On this card I opened and used both the dies from the Open Scallop Duo (smaller versions of the bigger die I already had) and the Leafy Flourish.

Here's a closer look at some of those die-cuts:

The one in the center is the larger of the two. The smaller green-ish one was cut in half and placed upper right and lower left. I punched some flowers from one of the SU Triple punches to try and break up all that green, then I had to cut all that white with yellow buttons.

The scallop in the center was so pretty I didn't want to cover it up, so I used one of my scallop circle Nestabilities and cut a piece of card stock vellum. The button is from some I bought on Etsy a long time ago.

I sat there and looked at the bazillion things I'd stuck on this card, but you know what? It was all symmetrical, and it was making me a little itchy. You know what else? It didn't have any RIBBON!

Ribbon. Um, yeah. One of the first things I hoarded, which grew into my Boxes Of Every Color Ribbon But The One I Need. Then when I became a Demo, I bought every color of ribbon SU made. I did. Then I bought storage cabinets to hold it all. Now I need to move.

No, I KID! But yes, ribbon. I had to add ribbon to this card, not only because I AM ALL ABOUT RIBBON, but I needed to break all that symmetry. So I did:

I put this at about the bottom 1/3 point (that whole Rule of Threes thing), and tied a double bow with my Bow Easy.

I'm happy to say I no longer hoard ribbon, I no longer shop at the ribbon sales at Mike's, and I no longer even buy every color SU offers. This may no longer be my weakest link. In fact, I think it's definitely #3 of the three I've discussed in painful detail here today.

So there you have it: my three (maybe just two, really) weakest links. Now you need to do some thinking, narrow your OMG, I NEED THAT, AND I NEED IT RIGHT NOW list to just one or two, USE some of it to make a card, then link us up over at the Shopping Our Stash post so we can see what you've made, and tell us what's your weakest link! :)

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  1. Pretty card! oh, I have the "every color but the one I need" problem too with ribbon, but i don't think i own as much as you! LOL!

  2. gorgeous card. Yes your weaknesses are much more practical than mine. Especially the BG. I love BG. I don't buy nearly enough of it. Do I have Halloween BG? Heck ya! lol. Love your blog.


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