Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby Girl Card

I don't make a lot of baby cards - it's a pretty thin section in my offerings. But when I saw this paper:

I had to buy both the pink and blue for my baby papers stash. As you can see, I broke out the pink papers today, but NOT because I wanted to make a baby card. Nope, it was because I wanted to use our new stocking punch (available September 1st - which is OMG NEXT WEEK!) to make those cute baby socks. I got the idea in this post (not mine) but I knew instantly I'd love being able to use a holiday punch for something else. I don't generally like buying seasonal items, but if I can stretch it, I will.

I stamped the holiday stocking from the coordinating Stitched Stocking set (also available Sept 1st) in Blushing Bride onto white card stock, then punched it out. I cut the stamped stocking short, lopped off the top, then stuck it down on the top of the (now) sock. Isn't that a stinkin' cute idea?

The brown paper at the bottom of the card is the reverse of the bird paper, and I used it to give me a place to put the sentiment without it getting lost. The ribbon is from my Every Neutral Color But The One I Want box of ribbons, and since I made 3 of these cards, I probably only have 2 or so yards left. ;/

And since I made three, I'm out of the baby card-making mood, so the boy cards will have to wait.

In other news, Irene was mostly a tease in my neighborhood. No damage, at least not that I can see from my couch or craft room. There have been reported downed trees and power lines, but the worst of it was East of me. The most horrible thing that could happen would be traffic lights still out for the morning commute. Ugh.

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  1. I love how you used the stocking to make baby clever

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  3. How cute and clever! Glad you weathered Irene safely!

  4. Very cute card! Adorable little stockings and a great creative way to use them! Glad Irene fizzled out - what a nightmare for those she hit. Hugs

  5. A little lace on those socks would be really cute and girly!

  6. omg!!! that is just tooooooooooo flippin' clever! i hope SU will give you commission or put this card in the catalog or SOMETHING b/c i'm sure you just doubled the sale of stocking punches and stamps!!! (even *I* kinda want one now... just goes to show ya!!!) :)


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