Sunday, August 21, 2011

Halloweeny 'Speriment

I just spent way too long in the Captain's Quarters, playing with some Graphic 45 Halloween papers. Last year they were Alice in Wonderland, but very dark, if you know what I mean. The cards I made from them sold like hot-cakes. This year the papers are The Wizard of Oz (best. movie. ever.) and tonight I decided it was time to use them. Earlier today I made a challenge card with them (monkey alert!), so I started cutting them into parts to make a bunch more.

I made eight, all a little different, but basically the same idea. Here is one of them so you can see some of the detail:

This one got a red glimmery punched background for the sentiment. :) This one is also the last one I made. The other 7 use horizontal papers, and this one used the cut-off ends of those.

I tried to pair the images so they were looking at each other, or at least made sense. I don't like it when an image faces to the left, or looks off into outer space. Well, unless it's an alien, but The Wizard of Oz has no aliens. Just flying witches and flying monkeys. And a Wizard. Hmmm ...

I also 'sperimented with Picasa and made a collage of them. You may need to click on it to embiggen it so you can see them.

It's kindof a fun mix of images, though this short bout of mass-production might have killed my enthusiasm for making any more.

Now if someone could tell me HOW it got to be 9 pm on a Sunday night, I'd appreciate it. And also, where do I petition for a 3-day weekend, like ALWAYS? Something needs to be done about this, and soon!

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  1. Tin man and Lion and Scarecrow....oh, my!!! but please not the monkeys. I remember going to see it at the cinema when it first came out, I was a young child and my sister, who's 15 years older, took me. I was scared witless by those flying horrors, and the Wicked Witch of the West (OMGosh, that voice)....even so, it has remained my most favourite film of all time. See Sis, you couldn't scare me to!!
    Fabulous images and great cards as always, I remember last year's Alice I thought they were cool.
    Jenny x

  2. love them! This is my sister's fave movie... must find paper!


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