Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WOTT & WOYWW 08/24/2011

Time to venture into the Captain's Quarters for a look at the current state of my crafty table:

Not too bad, comparatively speaking. Let's zoom in on a few choice spots, shall we?

First, please notice the HUMONGOUS (bigger than 6x6) workspace:

I'm in the middle of blackening letters for a cards I've wanted to make for quite some time now. I ran out of h's, so I had to improvise by tracing them onto chipboard, cutting them out, and stacking them to be about as thick as the m and the e. I need another layer, and I'm waiting for the paint to dry. I AM!

In the back we have this:

A piece of Graphic 45 paper left over from my Halloween card extravaganza from the other day. I'll get to it eventually.

On the left side of the table we have this:

Let's see, several adhesives at the ready ... some stamps that need to be cleaned ... my Paper Smooches sentiments I can't seem to stop using ... my Lawn Fawn letter set (and two on that clear block below the set) ... a piece of Halloween paper I used to punch out the letters for a card and, well, it's still there ...

And on the right side of the table, we have all sorts of goodness:

a bunch of chipboard letters ... some cork letters waiting in the wings ... some Beau Chateau paper remnants ... my latest batch of printed sketch challenges I won't get to ...

I think that's enough. I'm off to link to the WOTT and WOYWW blogs. When I take one for The Team, I need to share! :)

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for linking up to WOTT.... I love the tours around your space.... So much potential from all those goodies....*smile*

  2. it sure is a busy space but lots of fun in there!

  3. That's a lot of dedication for a letter 'h'!! Hope it fits the bill :D xx

  4. Thanks for the close ups ...great desk ...I hate it when I run out of a letter.


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