Sunday, August 21, 2011

Market Update (08/20/2011)

It was actually a pretty nice day yesterday for the market. Plus, I scored a spot under the pavilion, so I didn't need to set up a tent. That's always a relief. I get more space under the tent, but I'm quite happy so scale back down in exchange for the covered and cooler spot.

Let's dive right into those veggies! It's fun to see who has what and watch the seasons change.

First up is my usual wanna-be-dramatic shot of one side of Farmer Mike's tents:

Tents - plural. The farmers each set up multiple tents since they are outside the pavilion. Where I struggle with an 8x10 tent, Mike sets up two 10x20s in half the time. It's amazing to watch. I am humbled on a weekly basis.

Roma tomatoes:

The end of the tomatillos (or else it's too hot for them to grow):


Sweet peppers:

Okra (blech):


Summer squash:


Bell peppers:

I picked mine totally based on color. I'm fickle like that.


Maybe in a few more weeks I'll get some. Too hot to cook and eat hot food.

More eggplant, I think Italian varieties:




HOT HOT HOT peppers:


Both this and Waterleaf (next picture) can be used for salads.

Melon Row:

I love the part where the kids come though and beg their parents to get certain vegetables. :)

Over at Farmer Margie's, more peaches:

and nectarines:

She also had beets (ugh):

and green beans:

and corn:

Farmer Katie had a whole table of different greens:

Pretty (she rocks the presentation angle, doesn't she?), but I don't eat greens. Sorry - I'm a Northern gal.

Sweet onions:

Probably the sweetest onions I've ever had. Yes, sweeter than Vidalia or Texas 1015.

Grape or cherry tomatoes (I dunno, and they were busy, so I didn't ask):

Striped tomatoes:


And a great fruit spread:

which included plums and blackberries:

On to the flower tent, where we had Lisianthus:

(And if you think I actually know the names of these flowers, you'd be sorely mistaken. I take pics of their signage so I can tell you what they are later.)

Mixed bunches:

Gloriosa Daisies:

These orange ones are a different variety than the ones I photographed a few weeks ago. Aren't they gorgeous?! Here's some more of the other varieties:

This one looks painted:

And my flowers:

(dramatic change of focus)


These disappeared in a flash. They are so good!

Ready for the doggie portion of the show? (Hi, Bunny! *waves*)

This guy is huge, and I couldn't get a good shot of him in the shadows of the pavilion:

But such a gentle soul. Here he is encountering another furry friend:

Here's one of our regulars:

Another regular:

And another:

This one is gorgeous:

Lots of mixed breeds this week, and a lot of them were rescues. Such great pets!

Here is a tired one:

Every chance he got he'd lie down. My doggie water bowl was well-received this week. :)

That's it! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great day at market - fabulous dogs - love mixed breeds!

  2. Oh how lovely again - the photos of veg and colour are just so glorious! Glad you enjoyed your shaded spot.

  3. Wonderful photos! I bet that place smells heavenly with all of the herbs and fruit. I love the smell of peaches but am not crazy about the taste.

  4. I should load up the avn and bring the"kids " to the market one of these Saturdays. Do you have a wide angle lens?
    Well maybe I shouldn' pack could take down Farmer Mike's tents in ...oh I'd say ....about one minute


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